Custodians of Wilderness: The Zambezi Delta.

The south-east African country of Mozambique stretching over some 310 000 square miles is the world’s 36th largest. A former Portuguese colony the country experienced a violent and turbulent past. The Independence war, 1964-1974, was followed by a 15-year civil war in 1977. During this time the economy and infrastructure of the country was ravaged and by the time the conflict was over it was one of the world’s poorest.

During Mozambique’s protracted war the security situation made safari hunting impossible. Anarchy reigned as wildlife across the country was decimated. The region became a butchery to feed the troops on both sides of the war. The local bushmeat trade also thrived.

When Zambeze Delta Safaris took over coutada 11’s hunting lease in 1992, the area was almost devoid of life, both human and animal.

This 30-minute documentary recounts the work that Zambeze Delta Safaris have done to rehabilitate the area.

Custodians of Wilderness: Zambezi Delta. from The Conservation Imperative on Vimeo.