The Hunter Proud Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable public foundation. The foundation’s primary aim is to use funds raised through tax-deductible donations to produce documentaries that promote the conservation through utilization principle as well as the rights of the hunter.

The important role hunting has in wildlife conservation goes largely unreported and is vehemently denied by the anti-hunters. The simple fact is that if it were not for hunting, a large proportion of wilderness areas across the globe would not exist.  Hunters pay more for wildlife conservation than everyone else combined and are more often vilified than recognized.

The conservation through utilization message has to be broadcasted in every possible way and the importance of arming the hunter with accurate, relevant information is immeasurable.

Our mission is to produce high quality informational and educational films to be distributed to the public, experts, lobbyists, politicians, cable and television networks and governments around the world through various sources.

The films have and will continue to be used:

  • At conventions such as CITES.
  • At Safari Club International local chapter meetings, as well as Dallas and Houston Safari Club meetings.
  • As lobbying tools to the US Congress.
  • As lobbying tools to other governments
  • By the average hunter, defending his right to hunt.
  • On websites such as YouTube.
  • On social media sites.